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Asphalt sealing will extend the life of any asphalt by protecting it from harmful UV, water, and traffic damage while preventing oxidation caused by rain and snow. This means your company can save tons of money in repair costs and have a property that looks fresh and new.

Are your clients and employees having trouble knowing where to park? Maybe your parking lot is looking dull and seeing your parking spaces isn’t as easy as it used to be. Maybe you have a parking lot that you want specific parking instructions on?

Expert Property Services offers a large variety of road surface markings from parking space lines, no parking requests, handicap spaces, directive arrows and much more! We can get your parking lot looking bright and new again with easy to see markings of your choice.


  100% Tar Sealing
  Line Painting
  Crack Repair
  Parking Lot Layout

We have been providing driveway and parking lot solutions since 2008. We have many satisfied customers in Newfoundland.
We have the equipment and manpower to get your job completed on time and in budget.
Were committed to providing you with quality Asphalt Sealing & Line Painting services. We take our estimates serious and always try to stay within budget.

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Pro Tip

Have a new parking lot and don’t know where to start? Let help you with the layout of your parking lot and we will ensure your business and customer needs are met.

We look forward to working with you and making your ideas come true!